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How to avoid parking fines

It is important to park the Vespa on the right places


If your vehicle is badly parked, the crane will take away the moto and unfortunately it will involve expensive prices that we wouldn't like you to pay.

1. Check the trackside or temporary prohibitory signals

2. Read carefuly the municipal by-law of Barcelona

Park preferably in the authorized area in the roadway. If there is no place park on the sidewalk in the following cases:

Park on the sidewalk less than three meters width

To have access on sidewalk, walk afoot with the moto while the power is on

If the sidewalks measure between 3 and 6 meters feet wide, you can park:

Parallel to the sidewalk and a limit of 5 meters left

Do not intrude on the exit or stand in the way of flat’s exits, trashes

Do not stand more than 2 meters of the pedestrian crossing and the bus stop. In the sidewalk of more than six meters, you can park 45 degrees sideway, always respecting more than 3 meters free passage

Check the complet rules here: