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Students Tours

You are an exchange student or doing an internship in Barcelona? Well, then meet us at VIA VESPA because the best way to get to know Barcelona is on a VESPA.

Our tours will help you to navigate easily in Barcelona. You will get to know places where tourists and residents live in a constant movement.

After 4 hours you will definitely have a better understanding of this beautiful Catalan metropole and you will know which places you would like to discover more on your own.

With a VESPA you don’t have extra costs for parking, you can just stop wherever you’d like to and arrive right infront of your favorite sight.

If you are a party of 15 persons, we can offer you a discount and make a special price for you.

Come on, bring your driver’s license, experience in driving motor bikes and some friends in order to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

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