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Vespa & Tapas

For the Spanish, tapas is more than just a way of eating, it's a way of life. Eating tapas is a wonderfully chaotic, social and lively experience, one that speaks as much to the culture of the eaters as to the ingredients being eaten.
This Tour tries to show you the real Barcelona, seen through its different neighbourhoods, with each their own identity and characteristics… and give you a taste of it in a selection of our favourite non touristy Tapas Bars.

Los barrios:
“La Barceloneta” the former fisherman’s quarter, in between the harbour and the beach; “El Poble Nou”, combining old-style charm with cutting edge architecture; “L’Eixample”, one of the first examples of modern urban planning; “El Barri Gòtic”, the heart of the city; “El Poble Sec”, the oldest barrio with this unique setting at the foot of the magic Montjuïc hill; and of course the trendy “El Born”, where Via-Vespa is located.

Las Tapas:
Depending on the day, season, weather and our mood, we choose Bars to taste Tapas and a drink in each one.

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